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menumiz , as a  hardware agnostic POS, will modernize your business and fully prepare it for the AI-driven era of hospitality. By relying on menumiz POS, you won’t need to worry about coordinating different services from various companies; everything will be conveniently consolidated under one umbrella. 



Tools To Increase Revenue



Powered by OpenAI, this revolutionary service is the first of its kind in the world, specifically designed for the food service industry to facilitate order taking through both chat in any language. This innovative application allows businesses to interact with customers globally without language barriers, streamlining the ordering process and enhancing customer satisfaction. e-Waiter™ efficiently gathers all necessary information to enable realistic and seamless communication between your customers and the AI. This tool not only improves the efficiency of order taking but also ensures a personalized and engaging dining experience. By integrating advanced AI technology, e-Waiter™ sets a new standard in customer service and operational excellence in the restaurant industry.

QR Code Ordering

menumiz™ is a comprehensive café and restaurant management and POS system designed for the modern dining experience. It features built-in QR code ordering modules, ensuring that your menu is always synchronized across QR code ordering, TSO, or counter services in real-time, without the need for multiple updates on various platforms and at extra cost. menumiz™ QR code ordering offers loyalty schemes to users, encouraging them to utilize the service. Customers can now order, receive discounts, and pay directly from their mobile devices.

QR code

Video Menu

In today's visually-driven world, customers prefer to see what they're ordering rather than just reading about it. Imagine the impact of showcasing your dishes through short videos – it's engaging, captivating, and drives up to 40% more customer engagement. With Menumiz, this captivating experience becomes a reality. menumiz™ enables you to upload short videos directly to your QR code ordering menus, allowing your customers to explore your offerings in a whole new way. From sizzling steaks to decadent desserts, let your dishes speak for themselves and watch as your sales soar

Smart Pricing

Menumiz™ Smart Pricing is an extraordinary feature that significantly impacts your sales strategy. With Smart Pricing, you gain the power to dynamically adjust prices, whether by a flat rate or percentage, based on scheduled events and timeframes. Imagine the possibilities: from enticing happy hour specials to strategically timed adjustments throughout the day, all effortlessly managed within your digital menu. For example, picture this scenario: you decide to lower the price of your popular pizza by 3% between 3 PM to 5 PM on Mondays, attracting early evening diners with an irresistible offer. On weekends, perhaps you opt to elevate the price of beer by just $1 from 7 PM to 9 PM, aligning with peak hours and boosting profitability during high-demand periods.

Functions for efficiency

Digital Menu

The digital menu serves as a bridge to future AI technologies, revolutionizing the way we interact with food establishments. By embracing digital menus, businesses gain the ability to provide real-time updates with just a few clicks, implement dynamic changes on-the-fly, and offer more engaging content to customers. Moreover, they enjoy full control and synchronized actions across all platforms where menus are available, whether it's table-side ordering, QR code ordering, delivery, or online ordering. Furthermore, digital menus offer significant cost savings by eliminating the need for traditional paper menu design and printing. This not only reduces expenses but also contributes to environmental sustainability. we live in digital era and a digital menu is a must for success.


Table Side Order

The TSO (Table-Side Order) module is the heart of each POS system. menumiz™ offers a synchronized digital menu through TSO and QR code ordering menus. The TSO in menumiz™ handles order management, refunds, retrieves QR code orders, and processes payments. Its responsive design allows it to work on both desktop screens and mobile devices without compromising functionality.

TSO is offered in both text-only and image versions.



menumiz™ comes with an intuitive kitchen display system (KDS) that significantly reduces paper usage for dockets. This system also serves as a feeder to the collection screen, where customers are notified when their food is ready, or sends notifications directly to guests using the menumiz™ app on their mobile devices. The menumiz™ KDS is designed to streamline kitchen operations, making the chef’s job easier while maintaining high standards of accuracy and speed. This efficient system ensures a smooth workflow, ultimately enhancing the overall dining experience.

Collection Screen

menumiz™ comes with a built-in collection screen (Ticketing Que) display system. Customers can check the status of their orders in a self-service setup, enhancing their dining experience by keeping them informed. Additionally, the collection screen can be used internally to notify the crew when to serve the dishes, ensuring timely service. This system helps streamline operations, reduce wait times, and improve communication between the kitchen and serving staff, ultimately leading to a more efficient and satisfying dining experience for both customers and restaurant staff.  

Customer Service Tools

Split Bill

Nothing frustrates customers like the inability to split a bill! menumiz™ enables cashiers to split the bill equally among people or by specific amounts keyed in by the user. This flexibility ensures that each customer pays exactly what they owe, enhancing their dining experience and reducing any potential stress over payment. The split bill feature can also be put on hold while taking other orders, allowing for seamless service even during busy times. This means that staff can manage multiple transactions efficiently without keeping customers waiting. By providing an easy and accurate way to split bills, menumiz™ helps restaurants improve customer satisfaction and streamline their payment process. This feature is particularly useful for group dining, making it easier for friends and family to enjoy their meals together without the hassle of complicated bill splitting.

Merge Bills

While everyone likes to split bills, sometimes merging bills (merging tables) comes in handy! menumiz™ supports merging up to 10 bills, ensuring no unhappy guests at a birthday party. This feature is perfect for large gatherings where multiple tables need to be combined into a single bill, making the payment process seamless and hassle-free. By offering the flexibility to both split and merge bills, menumiz™ caters to a wide range of customer needs, enhancing their dining experience and ensuring that payment is always convenient and efficient.

Visit History

menumiz tracks the number of visits a customer has made to your establishment and displays this information on the order card within the system. This feature is invaluable for identifying your loyal customers, allowing you to reward them with special discounts and personalized offers.

Loyalty Schemes

The menumiz™ loyalty scheme is a standout feature designed to enhance customer retention without the hassle of collecting personal information. Traditional loyalty programs often fail because they require businesses to gather extensive customer data. In contrast, menumiz™ operates its loyalty program seamlessly through QR code ordering, applying rewards automatically based on customer profiles. Loyalty scheme examples:
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free: Encourage repeat purchases by rewarding customers with a free item after buying a few.
  • Spend $100, Get 5% Discount: Incentivize higher spending with a discount reward.
  • Visit 10 Times, Get 5% Discount: Promote frequent visits by offering a discount after a set number of visits.
  • Spend $200 in the Last 30 Days, Get 5% Discount: Reward loyal customers who have spent a significant amount recently.
These flexible and easy-to-implement loyalty models ensure that customers feel valued and appreciated, fostering long-term loyalty and repeat business.


XZ Reports

Reporting is the key to success. Accurate and timely reports enable business owners to predict trends and make informed decisions before it is too late. menumiz™ supports standard enhanced XZ reports, offering detailed insights into your business's financial health. These comprehensive reports provide a clear and concise picture of sales, expenses, and overall financial performance, empowering you to make strategic decisions with confidence. With menumiz™'s robust reporting capabilities, you can stay ahead of the curve, optimize operations, and drive your business towards sustained growth and profitability.

Analytics Report

While XZ reports provide essential numerical data, they may not clearly indicate profit or loss. menumiz™'s analytic reporting generates detailed profit margin reports for each item sold, offering a comprehensive breakdown of sales performance. It displays color-coded results, allowing you to quickly identify whether each item is performing as expected. This visual aid helps you easily understand if there are any issues with specific items, ensuring you can make informed decisions to optimize your inventory and pricing strategies. With menumiz™'s analytic reporting, you gain deeper insights into your business's financial health.

Performance Report

You not only need a report about your sales but also a report on crew performance. This is crucial for identifying unproductive staff and tracking KPIs for hardworking team members. menumiz™ helps you monitor and fairly assess who is contributing more.

Tip Report

One reason restaurants may avoid asking for tips is the challenge of tips distribution and management. menumiz™ offers a reliable tip management tool that generates tip settlement slips based on specific users or tables within a specified date/time range. If tip matters to you, you'll appreciate menumiz™'s tip management.
tip report

Payment Solutions

Menumiz Pay

menumiz™ Pay is a cutting-edge mobile payment solution offered exclusively to menumiz™ POS users. This service supports payments from stored cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay e-wallets, providing customers with convenient and secure payment options right from their mobile devices. As a TPPA (Third Party Payment Aggregator), menumiz™ simplifies the payment process. You only need to apply for the service through menumiz™—no need for additional merchant services from banks or Stripe. This streamlined approach makes integrating mobile payments into your business operations seamless and hassle-free.


menumiz™ has established agreements with leading EFTPOS service providers in each country, including Tyro (AU)  and GHL (MY). With menumiz™'s seamless integration with Tyro, you can enjoy an easy setup and smooth payment processing. This collaboration ensures that your payment transactions are efficient and reliable, enhancing the overall experience for both your staff and customers.

Apple Pay

menumiz™ now supports Apple Pay as part of our menumiz™ Pay solution. Customers can enjoy the convenience of checking out using Apple Pay without needing to register, making for a seamless and efficient payment experience.

Menumiz Pay

With the integration of Google Pay into our menumiz™ Pay solution, customers can now enjoy a smoother checkout process on Android devices. No registration is required—simply use Google Pay as a guest for a quick and hassle-free payment experience.



Xero is a popular accounting software used by millions. menumiz™ is fully integrated with Xero, and all transactions happening in POS will reflect in the Xero accounting software, making your accountant's job easier. This seamless integration ensures accurate financial reporting and simplifies bookkeeping tasks. Note: You need an accountant to set it up and perform proper account mapping.

MYOB (coming soon)

MYOB is a leading accounting software used by millions. menumiz™ is fully integrated with MYOB, and all transactions happening in POS will reflect in the MYOB accounting software to make your accountant's job easier. Note: You need an accountant to set it up and perform proper account mapping.
Coming Soon

Marketing Tools

Ratings & Reviews

menumiz™ is an innovative ecosystem connecting diners to food service providers. Our platform allows your genuine customers to rate and review your business and dishes. Unlike Google reviews, which can be posted by individuals who have never visited your establishment, menumiz™ reviews are exclusively from your actual customers within our network. Additionally, you have the option to maintain privacy by not displaying comments to the public, ensuring a controlled and authentic feedback environment

Free Website

menumiz™ generates a free website for every menumiz™ POS client by default. There is no need to design expensive and often non-functional websites that are difficult to keep updated. By relying on your menumiz™ page, you have a website displaying useful information, including your menu, working hours, reviews, etc. This website is in sync with the POS settings; by changing info in the POS system, the website will automatically update the information.

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